Are you searching for the leading low-slope roofing material? EPDM (Ethylene propylene diene monomer) is currently the best synthetic rubber roofing option you have. It is supported by the National Roofing Contractors Association (NCRC). NCRC reports that EPDM accounts for one billion square feet of new roofs in the US. It is currently the best choice of top architects, contractors and roof specialists. Whether you want to construct a new roof, or to repair an older one, this type of rubber roofing is the best pick. Produced in different types, this synthetic material is cost effective, environmental-friendly, versatile and durable. It is a good substitute for the heated bituminous roofing.

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Do-it-yourself installation is not recommended at all. If you want your roof to be safe, attractive and durable, you should look for professional roof installers. Being a low-slope facility roof type, the EPDM installation requires application of a single ply membrane. The work of this membrane is to create a strong, waterproof surface. A professional application guarantees that your newly installed roof will last for several decades without showing any signs of deterioration mái tôn khung sắt. The Installed rubber stays flexible in all types of weather. Above all the cost of installation is relatively affordable.

According to findings that have been reported by field researchers, this material is one of the most long-lasting flat roofing products available today. Besides durability, this sort of roof is fireproof, hail proof, UV proof, and offers overall weather resistance. Moreover, it boasts greater wind uplift resistance, thermal shock durability, amazing tensile strength, and allows structural movements. Additionally, property owners who install EPDM automatically qualify for LEED points. It is also good to note that this kind of low-slope roofing material offers a very wide range of application techniques. It can be attached mechanically, ballasted or be fully adhered. It can, therefore, fit any home design or any purpose you may need it for.

Roof coating
Every material that is used for roofing has its natural life. In order to help you extend the lifespan of your roof, your contractor can offer to coat it. A protective layer of acrylic coating over the installation will enable you to extend your roof’s useful years and add to its beauty.

Safe for your environs
As this is an environmental-friendly material, people can use it to make their surroundings safer and pollution free for the future generations. Furthermore, the roof is very durable; you can reduce the need to repair it recurrently. Finally your roof is recyclable and just the right choice if you love to protect your environment.

Choosing a good installer
Depending on where you live, it will be imperative to work with a contractor that has a lot of knowledge and experience with rubber roofing application projects. Some of the top companies have installed hundreds of square feet of EPDM so far. They are conversant with new installations and repair jobs. It is upon you now to choose the most appropriate expert in your area.