There are various Tower apartment rental options available in the market. However, before getting too excited and signing the lease, make sure that you have read through the agreement properly. You should also make sure that the apartment you are planning to rent is not located in a high risk area. The Tower apartment rental agreement contains many conditions which need to be followed strictly.

First of all, it is extremely important to check whether the building is in any danger of being evacuated. This is because many fires start from electrical power cables. Therefore, make sure that the Tower has a fire extinguisher or is protected with an emergency system. It is also wise to ask whether the tenant is allowed to work at night.

The Tower apartment should also have smoke detectors. It is always advisable to carry one just in case there is a problem in the building. If you do not have them, the tenant should inform you in time so that you can install the detectors タワーマンション賃貸.

Ask the tenant for permission to enter into restricted areas. The security staff at the Tower should let you know where these restricted areas are. It is also important to check whether the tenant has a security guard. If not, you can employ your own bodyguard.

Make sure that the tenant does not have a personal computer. They are very tempting to use it for watching movies and chatting with friends. This can lead to trouble later. It is better to ask the tenant to limit the number of computers. He or she might also have to share the laptop.

Check if the apartment has a security deposit. Ask the tenant to send a document with the security deposit. This can act as proof of the apartment being free of any damage. In case there is damage on the apartment after you hand out the security deposit, you can ask for a replacement.

You also need to check the apartment for the presence of smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. You cannot overlook this measure since it can help reduce fire risk and burglaries. You should also ensure that there is a security guard regularly outside the apartment. This is necessary to monitor the tenants. A guard is essential so that you can quickly report the break-in or theft to the police.

You can ask the tenant for some recommendations regarding the apartment. This will help you know what kind of apartment he prefers to stay in. If he has his own unit, you can ask him for the rent coupon so that you can calculate the monthly payment.

He should be able to provide you with contact numbers of his previous landlords. This can give you a background check on the tenant. It will also tell you if the tenant has settled his expenses or not.

Ask for the tenants’ credit references. You need to verify their credibility as references. You can call the credit reference agencies and make sure that the information provided is true and reliable. This is to make sure that your Tower apartment will not only be safe for your tenants but also for yourself since you will have a reference.

Make sure that you know the financial capacity of the tenant. Some tenants may just come to your place of stay to pay their utility bills. Others would come for a holiday. It does not matter; the key is to know the financial capacity of the tenant. You should always consider the long term rental value of the apartment.

Always communicate with your tenants. This should be done in a courteous manner. Never put in an eviction notice or any legal terms. Always keep the relationship with your tenants pleasant, positive and rewarding.