Can you imagine the chaos that would ensue if every pet product company was required to use their CBD pet formula in every one of their products, rather than allowing the CBD pet products private label to be used by the general public as a complimentary ingredient? Let’s say for instance that there were CBD dog food products. Then all of a sudden dogs that had chronic illnesses, chronic ailments or were on some kind of medication would suddenly find themselves being offered CBD dog food or human CBD pet products to help them recover. The market for CBD pet products would instantly crash and then it would be up to the manufacturer of the dog food products to stop selling the dog food, since there would be a huge demand for it. That means that they would go out of business and so would the buyer that was originally shopping for the dog food.

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The same thing goes for pet products that contain CBD as an ingredient. The pet manufacturers are also at risk of going out of business, because CBD pet products are simply too popular with pet owners and are not manufactured out of many pet companies anymore, so they must make do with what they have CBD pet products private label. If one of the large pet companies started to offer CBD pet products, they would immediately go out of business, because everyone knows that pet products with CBD are super effective and have a higher perceived value than those that don’t contain CBD. So why wouldn’t the smaller companies go ahead and offer pet owners what they want instead of just complying with the rules of the large brand name companies?

In conclusion, we believe that pet owners should be allowed to have as much choice as they like when it comes to CBD pet products. It is unfortunate that the major companies don’t want consumers to have this choice because they obviously have a lot of money invested in traditional pet foods and the profits are coming from those pet foods and not from CBD pet products. If the FDA would approve CBD pet products, the companies manufacturing them could suddenly see their profit margins go right back up. And it might behoove them to start making CBD pet products available over the counter, so that the consumer can then have the option of buying them right from the shelf. At the very least, they will have the freedom to do whatever they want with their pet’s CBD pet products.