The Sound Devices SL-6 Wireless and Powering System provide wireless and power connection for standard slot-back receivers and additional functionality when employed with compatible receivers. The SL-6 is an industry standard for connecting a receiver with a transmitter. In fact, the SL-6 is the most widely accepted transmitter/receiver system in the world today. It is also the first product that many manufacturers produce using the latest flexible WMM technology.

When an individual makes an investment in their existing wireless receivers, they must determine whether or not they need a superslot. As previously stated, the SL-6 is the industry standard. However, if your receiver does not have the required functions and permits a wireless interconnect, superslot then the upgrade may be necessary. This upgrade can be achieved in several ways; either by purchasing a superslot or by purchasing a converter box and adaptor.

An individual may consider the option of purchasing a sl-6 receiver and then upgrade to a sl-6 superordinate to expedite the connection between the two devices. A compatible receiver will work with any of 6 amplifiers. For those individuals that are considering this method then the recommendation is to contact your manufacturer to see what your options are. In general the cost of upgrading a receiver lies between one to two hundred dollars. However, it is important to note that no matter how much you spend on your upgrade; quality never comes cheap.

In order to make full use of a power link an individual may consider connecting their own audio board to the SL-6. Many quality manufacturers offer products that will allow you to do this. When making your purchase an individual should keep this in mind. An individual who has access to the proper wiring will be able to utilize this feature more efficiently.

It is common for some wireless manufacturers to sell a single-streaming receiver and a superslot that plug into it. These kinds of units allow users to simply connect the one receiver to multiple USB devices such as a laptop computer, digital camera, cell phone, or even a PDA. One nice thing about this is the fact that the functionality is almost unlimited. The biggest drawback is typically that these units will only support single band power. In order to enjoy multi-band power capability, many users need to acquire a separate external power adapter. There are advantages and disadvantages to each of these methods of providing power to the device and it is a matter of choice for each person.

There are also a growing number of open wireless control interfacing standard that can support USB charging port connectivity. When selecting an open source application to support your USB port connectivity, it is important that the program can support charging multiple devices simultaneously. Most open source programs do not do this. In order to maximize the full potential of your connection, it is best to utilize a USB charging port converter which provides this functionality.

The superslot brand was introduced by Phillips and has quickly become popular among home theater enthusiasts. The company has an extensive line of audio products including wireless mixers, wireless receivers, wireless interface boards, and interface modules. Currently they have two slot-in wireless receiver integration system easily mounts on a cabinet or stand. The system consists of an eight-track Pro Logic receiver and eight-channel sound card using Toshiba-made audio chips. These components easily mount on a cabinet or stand.

There are a growing number of product providers offering the sl-2 dual superslot wireless module and other leading brands. Finding the right product for you and your home theater system should be a simple task. You can find everything you need online. Whether you are looking for an affordable solution for your AV equipment or a cutting-edge design for your home cinema system, the sl-2 dual superslot wireless module from Phillips will meet all of your needs.