High ranking on Google is something that every website owner wishes to accomplish. Every single day there are thousands of new websites created online, that’s the easy part. Creating a website have always been the easy part of having an online presence. There are many types of websites, some websites are for e-commerse, personal blog, news blog, technology blog, company website, social networking website, and many more types of this article to list.

Have you ever noticed the number of results when you type a keyword in Google search? (ex. About 522,000,000 results (0.45 seconds) ) this bolded number means that there are almost ( 522,000,000 Websites ) competing for this keyword. Having this type of competition is considered an online war zone and can get your website wiped out of search engines to the point that you will never get noticed on Google or any other search engine 谷歌优化.

Getting noticed on Google needs Google website optimization. Google website optimization will get your website to the top of Google. Getting to the top on Google means that your website traffic will increase in a rapid way getting you visitors for your targeted keyword which will be the focus of your website content. Attracting targeted visitors searching for the targeted keyword on Google or any other search engine will result in having more page reads of your website and more sales or promotion for your website.

Google search engine optimization ( SEO ) is essential to get high ranking on Google. There are many types of SEO. SEO Types and techniques have changed dramatically to the point that made SEO a very complicated and expensive service in today’s online web marketing. A better wording for SEO types is SEO factors. Many SEO factors combined together will result in an overall excellent SEO. SEO Factors can be listed as follows:

1. Organic SEO ( ON Page SEO ):organic SEO deals with SEO factors that are done to the website or to be specific to the webpage itself. Organic SEO includes the content of the website, internal links, code, meta tags, anchor text, headings, lists, and other factors that improves the website SEO backbone to be able to compete for specific optimized keywords.

2. External SEO ( Off Page SEO ): Off page SEO is the relationship of the website with external online entities including websites, blogs, search engines, social networks, reference sites, visitor counts, and online traffic share. The more positive incoming interaction with related and trusted external entities will result in better ranking in search engines and better authority of the website online for its content material.

3. Social Networking SEO: Social Networks have introduced a new type of SEO called social networks SEO. Social networks have been dominating the online arena since the beginning of their creation. Social networks have introduced an online medium for everybody to communicate with friends, family, and people with common interests to socialize with each other. The Social Networks medium is different from any other type of websites in the fact that they attract many people who interact within their network. When a website link gets into one of those social networks it will have a snowball effect of link sharing, commenting, posting, and interaction within the social network. This activity will indicate to search engines that the website link has attracted peoples attention and thus gaining search engines attention, giving better rank and positioning.

White Hat SEO: Good, legal, or ethical SEO techniques are called white hat SEO. This type of SEO is whats offered by SEO companies for website owners.

Getting noticed on Google and having your website on the top of Google first page is something that can be done with a mix of all SEO factors. The special mix of organic SEO, external SEO, and social networking SEO will get your website to the top on Google. Website optimization is usually done in steps starting with organic SEO to give the website strong SEO backbone and ending with external and social networking SEO to fuel the website SEO to stay on top of Google and defeat competition.

We can provide you with a special SEO formula to boost your website traffic gaining visitors from many different sources which will help your website survive on the online arena and get to the top of search engines. Our special SEO formula will sustain your website in the first page of Google for your specified keywords for a very long time until your competition exceeds you, then you’ll need to do more SEO work to get back on top. This is the fact of life, more SEO more visitors and more competitors too.