Cyprus is one of the largest islands situated in the Mediterranean Sea. It offers an ideal mix of modern features together with a traditional way of life which dates back centuries. This most fascinating island is famous for being the birthplace of the Goddess of love and beauty… Aphrodite. The island’s history stretches over thousands of years making Cyprus an ideal tourist destination, and you can enjoy all this more by staying in one of many in a variety of rental villas throughout Cyprus.

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That sun never seems to stop shining brightly in Cyprus and there is a warm breeze to be felt throughout the year, even in winter. During the summer the temperatures can really sore, but shelter can be found in the Troodos Mountain forest region if need be. Another option would be a quick dip in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean sea and then relax on the golden sand by the seashore cho thuê biệt thự Vinhomes.

Whether you are just traveling with your partner or with the whole family, Cyprus really does cater for everybody’s needs offering the very best in entertainment and quality facilities. The best option for an ideal stay in Cyprus is in the rental villas which really do possess optimum luxury surroundings, comfort and privacy for its guests.

Protaras is an ideal holiday location with excellent rental villa facilities. The surrounding area is made up of rolling green hills and its church is called Profitis Ellias, stands out measuring over 100 metres high. This small quaint town has a magical feeling about it and is highly frequented by the tourists staying in the surrounding rental villas. The town of Protaras has also become famous for its windmills and golden sandy beaches.

You will have to take in the most contrasting landscape including the irregular coves of Cape Greko and the Fig Tree Bay beach. The beautiful beaches are highlighted by their golden sands and transparent blue waters and just a stone throws away you will find international cuisine tavernas and restaurants offering a truly relaxing atmosphere.

Your most important check-list, vital before you travel to your Cyprus rental villa would include the following important points;- -Find out first whether your Letting agent is a reputable one or not, and make sure you have their complete details before transferring any money. Check prices by comparing them with other letting agencies on the internet. -Make payment by credit card if it is an option, rather than money transfer services such as Western Union or Money Gram. -Check out several agencies before booking and try and make contact by phone and not just by electronic mail.

If possible, contact previous customers of the letting agency whose details may be found on their website. -Double check on the quoted currency before payment, i.e. Stirling or Euro. -Check your departure/arrival times as well as the time you can enter your rental villa. -Finally it is always a good idea to be close by restaurants, bars and discos.