If you are an internet marketer or are deciding to start your own home business then this software is a must if you want to dramatically increase your sales. In essence what this is is “screen capture software”. What screen capture software does is that it allows you to make a video of your computer screen as well as record your voice at the same time. Many successful internet marketers use this same technology to make impact videos. If you have a website, then text and graphics alone will not suffice. You need something that would make visitors to your site want to stay, so for example if I had a website devoted to teaching people about ebay, then would it have more impact if I can actually show screen shots with my voice explaining what everything is. Visitors are then much more likely to stay to purchase something.

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A lot of people use Firefox and Netscape but many output flash videos do not work with them. With Firefox alone thats 200 million downloads that can not be watched. Another problem with the other output flash videos is that once the video is complete they is no url redirect. With this software you can actually control where your visitor goes to automatically, after the video has finished poe ninja. So once the video ends you can redirect the visitors to the sales page. Here are some other benefits:

* Create video pages from avi or wmv video files using the video webpage designer

* Integrate Google AdSense or any custom html into your video webpages

* Record all screen and audio activity on your computer

* Quickly format your video webpages using the new video webpage designer

* Add high quality anti-aliased (no jagged edges) screen captions to your recordings in seconds.

* and much much more

You have probably heard how people are making 100’s even 1000’s from Google Adsense. Don’t you want a bit of that as well. Well now you can with CamStudio Pro. Just make a video on any topic that interests you, place Google AdSense on your video and upload the video to any video network like YouTube and Google Video. Do you have an eBook to sell. Why not create a video tutorial of it. As you are beginning to see, the options are endless.

What are I particularly like about CamStudio Pro, is the great ease of use. You don’t have to be a computer wizard to understand it. Everything is explained in plain simple English, and if you require some more help on how to use CamStudio Pro’s great features then there are instructional help videos for you as well. I like using Windows 98 on my desktop (though I do have XP on my laptop) because of its ease of use, however its becoming more and more incompatible with newer software. Not so with CamStudio Pro. It is campatible not only latter Windows version but with 98 as well. However there is one thing that I believe should eventually be addressed. Current version is not compatible with a Mac, unless you have Pc emulator software installed on your Mac.

There are other software on the market that can cost upto $300 and do not have the same capabilities as Camstudio Pro. With CamStudio Pro not only will you get a far superior product but it is much cheaper priced and right now for a limited time the price is reduced to an incredible less then $30. With the purchase you get many free bonuses. But the best part is that there is a 60 day 100% money back guarantee. For less then $30 you have a powerful tool in your hands to excel your sales to new heights. Check it out for yourself.