1. News – Always know what your target market is talking about. Make sure to stay in the know, whether that means enlisting outside help to assist you in seeing things from a different viewpoint. Once you know what everyone is talking about, figure out a way to somehow relate it to whatever you’re about.

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2. Emoji’s – Emoji’s are used in texting and across social media platforms by many users. They allow the expression of emotions when words aren’t necessary. One way to spice up your comments is to start using emoji’s. Avoid excessively using them, but every now and then is perfectly acceptable. On Instagram especially, it is a good idea to throw some emoji’s into your profile description. In a Facebook profile not so much, but in ordinary posts and comments they can look fantastic.

3. Humor – A great way to get people’s attention in this era of short attention spans is by using humor in your content Slack Emojis. This article is sprinkled with it. People love to be entertained, and if your video, picture, or text is even somewhat hilarious, there is a significantly higher probability of your content receiving a ton of likes, shares, and comments. Look at Alex from Target for example. For those of you who don’t know, Alex from Target was a popular topic trending on Twitter about early November 2014.

It all began when a girl tweeted a picture of a male Target employee named “Alex” who she found attractive. Needless to say, others agreed because the tweet blew up with shares, resulting in countless meme’s being made by Twitter users and even an appearance by Alex on the Ellen Degeneres show due to his sudden overnight fame. Obviously this type of viral success won’t happen to everyone, however humor is a very powerful tool to have. Attempt to use it wherever and whenever possible.

4. Getting Personal – People love to get personal. It helps them to feel more comfortable with others, as well as to be able to find someone more reachable. Interacting and getting personal with your audience does just that. One example of this is the Applebee’s Facebook page. People love to comment on there because there is someone referred to as “ARG.” A.K.A. Applebee’s Reply Guy. The poster has made a name for himself and is known for replying to fan comments in both a personal and humorous way.

5. Hashtags – Hashtags are a good way to let people find you. On Twitter especially, which allows users to pretty easily see which topics are trending on the left side of the screen, as well as search for them. Instagram allows you to do the same also, though they aren’t readily viewable without clicking on anything first.