Why dream about being able to burn belly fat fast and get that sexy flat stomach… when you can easily make it a reality? It’s true! I know it seems difficult… but this is only if you are doing things that are unnatural (diet pills, fad diets, improper dieting, etc.). If you want to make getting a flatter belly a reality, then read on for answers to 3 frequently asked questions about what works best to get quick, EASY, and consistent results.

How Much Water To Drink To Burn Fat Fast?

Good question! The reason this is a good question is because drinking more water is by far one of the biggest things you are going to have to do in order to shed fat off your stomach fast. The reason why is because with the more water you drink, the more your metabolism is going to run fast, the better your digestive system is going to be, the more you are going to detoxify your body, and so much more!

Now, to answer that question, the best recommendation for the amount of water you should drink is to do the following formula: Get your current weight. Now, take that number and divide it in half. Whatever your current weight is, drink that amount in ounces of fresh cold water daily. As you lose weight, adjust the amount of water you drink accordingly.

TIP: To help with drinking more water easier, try using a straw and try Eat Sleep Burn adding lemon and/or lime to it for flavoring.

How Much Sleep Should I Get?

Another good question! Getting more sleep is vital since it will for one help improve your metabolism, and for two, you can actually burn up to 500 calories during a full night’s rest!

The amount of sleep I recommend you get is at least 7-8 hours nightly.

What Type Of Diet Works Best To Burn Belly Fat Fast?

Boy, you’re on a roll with the great questions today! It’s important that you choose an effective fat loss diet that will not only ensure that you get in the best shape now… but also will be able to STAY IN SHAPE for good! Therefore, fad diets are certainly out of the question! The best type of diet for getting a flat stomach and losing a lot of weight is one that will be centered around eating correctly, eating frequently, and eating to burn fat. Notice how I said “eating”? That’s because STARVING yourself will get you nowhere… and I strongly recommend you avoid dieting like this.

Bottom line, if you drink more water, get more sleep, and go on a sensible diet program, then you certainly can experience results similar to mine (a flat belly in 2 months)… or even better!